‘Mustang, there’s no place like it’ @lizzy.hawker .
In April ’14 I decided it was time to venture to the remotest, bare, hidden roots of yoga , not where yoga flows into a river , but where the sky is the limit, ‘the bare land’ of Tibet . The Nepali side of Tibet is the remotest and the least livable for the altitude and climate but there is the craddle of both meditation and skyrunning! Caves were found where ancient yogis like Brahmachari, (where Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois teachings originates) would spend their lives in hermitage, practicing yoga to stay alert and healthy in order to meditate in stillness and silence to be fully aware. But here is also where Buddhist monks, the Lung-Gom-Pa, the Meditators of the Wind, were seen literally flying for hundreds of miles as if detached from the ground in order to achieve spiritual enlightment.
#MUSTANGTRAILRACE , a 7 stage race in the remotest region of Nepalese Tibet by Richard Bull of  ,  was the perfect way to experience running meditation among the yogis mountains with the Himalaya peaks as the only orientating tools !
Maybe because of my mountain blood, or because there I saw @Mirarai flying for the first time, running at 4000m altitude felt light like those running monks.
APRIL 14-28 2017 is next edition : join us?
Check my article in ITALIAN on #YOGAJOURNALITALIA no.86 you can download.

All info www.trailrunnepal

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